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Bored Piles (Concrete Caissons)

Bored Piles (Concrete Caissons)

Bored piles are commonly referred to as Cast-In-Place or CIP piles. We have the latest Tier 4 Soilmec piling rigs to complete projects with diameters from 300mm to 2000mm and depths up to 70m, subject to soil conditions. Bored piles are ideally suited to working in areas where noise and vibration needs to be minimized, such as built-up residential areas or where sensitive equipment is sited.

Pile design changes can be made on-site if conditions change, allowing further value engineering if piles need to be shortened or diameters increased. Piles are constructed by drilling a cylindrical hole, removing the soil and replacing it with a steel reinforcement cage and concrete. If required, the hole can be maintained using a temporary casing to prevent sloughing of loose granular material. As well as standard straight shaft piles, we offer under-reamed or belled piles, where the base of the pile is enlarged to create a larger surface area, increasing the bearing capacity.

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